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Who are you Margo?

About us

An intimate restaurant bar, which offers a special evening menu alongside a wine and cocktail experience. Established with the Jerusalem bohemian scene in mind.

On the menu you will find medium-sized dishes specially designed to create a perfect couple or group sharing experience. The meals bring to the table a wide variety of favorite local flavors in an elegant and renewed presentation. The design of the restaurant, the back bar and the colorful courtyard form a magical setting for a special intimate experience.

It is recommended to start the evening with a cocktail and accompany the meal with one of the best wines offered by Margo’s bar.

What awaits you in Margo

Wine & cocktails workshops

Two hours of excellent wine, explanations, and snacks at a surprising price. Leave your details below and we will get back to you with the details

A food experience

A perfect sharing experience for group and couples! Accompanied by wine and cocktails.

Wine bar

A variety of wines and cocktails alongside elegant tapas in a European atmosphere until the last customer.

Diverse & rich

our menus

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